The Apostles of Nimrod
July 12 05

Once again, we have tragedy strike, eliciting the same response as usual: unite! The globalists will use any means possible to force world "peace."

The London attacks remind us yet again that the world is longing for a leader, someone to stop the terrorists and bring unity. Of course, it is interesting that the attacks took place during the G8 summit in Scotland. The world leaders were forced to look beyond themselves to see just how corrupt this world is. The global focus not only led to the condemnation of the attacks but quickly forced the leaders to adopt measures to relieve African poverty. They could not skirt the issue even if they wanted to, for all eyes were now on the G8 summit. And speaking of African poverty, the relief won't come until the African leaders bow to the globalists and form governments that toe the line. Read the literature of the globalists and you will see that "shifting the wealth" and forcing the world into a "level playing field" are among their chief aims. No one country will be wealthy.

London has the highest concentration of video surveillance of any city in the world, yet it wasn't enough to stop the subway bombings. So, now what? More surveillance? A more sophisticated surveillance? Microchips, perhaps?

It is almost laughable listening to the world leaders, particularly British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his staff, call for resilience and persistence. Then the religious leaders -- Muslims, Christians, and Jews -- call for unity and peace. Nothing leads to ecumenism quite like a terrorist bombing. Remember 9/11? We all prayed to the same god as our fearless President led the nation in healing.

But then we have natural disasters like the Asian tsunami of December 2004. Certainly, events like that are not controlled by the globalists, so how do they figure in? Why is it that natural disasters are on the rise? The God of the Bible, the one who created the universe, is the one who controls tsunamis and hurricanes and earthquakes and typhoons. Is He a globalist? Not at all, but He does know what will fulfill prophecy. He knows the heart of man hasn't changed since Adam and Eve fell and Nimrod began to build. The spirit of rebellion lives on in every person on earth. The Ancient Mysteries still call out to the unregenerate. The world still believes, more than ever, that God is not necessary, that man can overcome his obstacles and achieve world peace. The globalists are the apostles of Nimrod, enlisting anyone who will help them build an empire in opposition to God.

The world leaders are saying that the London bombings were not inspired by religion. Well, you have to be a globalist to rise to leadership in this world, so who will you believe? If the bombings were carried out by Muslims, why did they not discriminate between Muslim communities and other sections of town? First, those Muslims who set off bombs do not believe that those quiet, peace-loving Muslims are really Muslims. The Koran is explicit in its call for Jihad, the killing of the infidels, and the glory to come to those who give their lives for Allah. Those who do not follow these teachings of the Koran are not Muslims. Second, the globalists will exploit anyone willing to work for their cause. God allows tragedies to happen. For the Christian, tragedy brings him closer to God. For the unsaved, tragedy may bring him to God, but most often brings him closer to the world.

In these end times, we know that a global political and religious system must come. The globalists want it and God will let them have it, but only for a short time. Then we will all see that man cannot run the world by himself. Man cannot bring peace. Man cannot bring health and prosperity. Man, left to his own will and intellect, can only create misery. Be prepared for more natural disasters and more wars and more terrorist attacks. The Ancient Mysteries and the spirit of Nimrod live on. May Christians be light in these dark times. May Christians preach the Gospel far and wide. May Christians love God and love people.

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