Bill Clinton: Man on a Mission
July 19 05

Imagine that in the near future there is finally a "peace" treaty between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. Imagine that the long-sought after agreement comes to fruition. It could happen. I know it doesn't seem likely right now, but anything can happen. The world was shocked when Yasser Arafat died, although we all knew he wasn't well. His death opened the door for Mahmoud Abbas. (Incidentally, President Bush describes Abbas as a good man, even though Abbas trained in Russia with the KGB, as did Vladimir Putin, whom Bush also calls a good man. Hmm...)

Well, anyway, we know that a treaty is coming. Someone will broker a seven-year peace deal and I believe it will happen relatively soon. Who will be the one to finally quell the terrorist attacks in Israel? Who will be the one who has the respect of the world that qualifies him to put forth such a deal? The Bible says that the one who brings the treaty will eventually be indwelled by Satan himself. The one who strikes the seven-year plan will come to be known as the Antichrist. The world will see him as a good man, a man of peace, a great leader, a true globalist who has nothing but the world's best interests at heart. I believe that man is alive today and has led a life in preparation for just such a role, although he may not be aware of it, at least not to the fullest extent.

After the completion of his second term in office, former President Bill Clinton moved to New York, not far from the United Nations building. At the time, I remarked to a friend that we should keep an eye on him, that it was probable he would play a role in the UN in the future. After the Asian tsunami last December, Clinton was tapped first by President Bush to be a spokesman for American philanthropy, and then by the UN to carry out the massive relief effort in Asia. Clinton has spent the past several months masterminding relief logistics. He has traveled extensively, despite heart trouble, and has shown the world that he cares about people. He not only has displayed the intellectual capabilities necessary to oversee a perhaps decade-long rebuilding plan, he has put his heart into it.

Then, just last week, Clinton announced that he will hold a summit September 15-17 in New York for the purpose of finding ways to ameliorate the world's problems. Clinton's summit will coincide with the United Nations General Assembly. "It's unrealistic to think all the world's problems will be solved only by government actions. What I'm trying to do is figure out what private sector people can do," Clinton said. What I find fascinating about this approach is that it would effectively create a social psychological empowerment and ownership for individuals. Rather than having government entities rule from a distance with tax dollars of which most people would like control, Clinton would put that control in the hands of the people. When people have that much sway over their environment, they become proud owners of their efforts. An allegiance, a loyalty, is formed; a bond is created between the parties involved.

Clinton said that anyone who participates in his summit must make a commitment that will specifically address a problem. This commitment must be completed before the next annual meeting. If a non-profit organization, for example, commits to ameliorate homelessness in Seattle by thirty percent, they might enlist the help of volunteers and corporations to build affordable transition housing that would hold thirty percent of the city's homeless. If the organization can fulfill that commitment in a year, they come back to the next summit meeting with another goal. Imagine if a thousand organizations or corporations around America committed to such goals as building schools in Ethiopia, or teaching people in Nigeria better farming techniques, or eradicating corruption in city governments.

Clinton's summit will focus on four issues: poverty, corruption, climate change, and religious and ethnic reconciliation. He said, "If we did one of these [meetings] every year at the opening of the UN...and these commitments were made and kept for a decade, I think it would change the world." Well, I'm not sure about that, but I do know that Clinton is setting himself up as a well-respected world leader.

Consider this: Clinton's private foundation negotiates with generic pharmaceutical makers to supply the needy with drugs. He hopes to treat more than 60,000 children suffering with HIV/AIDS over the coming year. His foundation is spending $10 million this year to treat 10,000 children, mostly in Africa, and he hopes to add another 50,000 children next year. This week, Clinton is in Africa, travelling to Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. Do you think he is gaining respect in Africa and around the world?

Clinton doesn't just talk about helping people, he actually does it. At 58, he is still young and capable of being a great leader. He has positioned himself, since he was a teenager, to be seen around the globe. In high school, he joined the Order of DeMolay, an exclusive Masonic group for young men. Clinton was then awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford, typically reserved for those chosen as future global leaders. He has publicly expressed his interest in becoming Secretary-General of the United Nations. He attended a Roman Catholic school for two years and still believes that Catholicism is a Christian denomination.

Am I saying that Bill Clinton will be the Antichrist? No. I am saying that Clinton is the type of man the world respects. Even though millions of American Republicans hate him, billions of people around the world, including top global leaders, love him.

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