Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?
August 23 05

I watch the last of the Israelis being uprooted and removed from their homes and I cry. I know that God is in control. I know Jerusalem, in these last days, will be "a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone." I know that the world has and will continue to come against Israel, for the Lord has spoken. He has said Himself, and through His prophets, that this time would come. But I still cry.

I know that children, young girls, in Thailand are sold into the sex slave market. I know that in Sudan, millions of people have been sold into slavery and killed in the name of Allah. I know that in northern Uganda children are kidnapped into the Lord's Resistance Army in the name of Christ. I know that all over the world, and particularly in Africa, millions of people are dying of AIDS. I know that the world is getting worse and that this tragic end must come because it has been prophesied by God Himself and through His prophets. But I still cry.

I look around and I see people trying to make a difference. I see wealthy men putting their own money into projects. I see people of humble means solicit funds from corporations and rich individuals. Out of these efforts come relief programs, schools, health care, housing projects. People all over the world are making a difference. But I still cry.

I cry because most of the work being done is being done in the name of man, not God. And I cry because even those who do claim to be working for God are not preaching the Gospel. K. P. Yohannon of Gospel For Asia states the obvious when he says that feeding people is great, but if we do not preach the Gospel there will be a lot of people in hell with full stomachs. What good does that do? We do good works and then we leave the people to somehow guess that they've been fed or clothed or housed because Jesus loves them. Somehow people who have never heard the name of Jesus are supposed to know the Gospel and repent and follow after Christ even though no one has told them about salvation.

We cannot end poverty and suffering. We cannot build houses for every person in the world. The Bible is clear that the world will only get worse. Yeshua Himself said that the poor will always be with us. We are not asked to end the world's problems. We are commanded to preach the Gospel. Along the way, we do good works because we care about people. But caring about people means caring about their eternal destiny. So many non-Christians are doing good works around the world, but those good works will be burned up. People will still die and go to hell.

I cry because I don't know what to do. I am overwhelmed by the task before me. I preach the Gospel but the world turns the other way. I preach the Gospel but the Church turns the other way. I can't feed people or clothe them or build them a house. I have no resources. I have no money. All I have is my voice and the words of God but they seem to pale in comparison to the grand programs of the world and the Church.

I cry because I see the world going to hell, separated from God for eternity. I cry because I'm not one of them. I cry because I know God. I cry because somehow He got through to me. I cry because God chose me and I am so unworthy. I cry because I'm overwhelmed. But I am comforted because God knows. I am consoled because He is with me always. I am lifted up because He is my strength. I carry on because He is worthy. I have hope because He said He is coming again.

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