The American Disaster, part II
January 25 05

Imagine this scenario. This is Osama bin Laden speaking to President Bush:

"You have taken land that does not belong to you. Therefore, we are taking over Texas as our new homeland. After all, it was ours to begin with. You stole it. Once we begin settlement in Texas, we will also be annexing parts of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and on up into New York City. We will be taking at least half of Washington as our capitol. It is quite convenient that you have shut down vehicle traffic in front of the White House. That will make it all the easier for us to build my compound there.

"I believe that precedence has been set that will allow me to set up my headquarters on your front doorstep. As you know, the U.N. and the Vatican have declared that Jerusalem is an 'International City;' thus, Israel cannot claim it as their capitol alone. Jerusalem is to be shared with the international community. Therefore, I declare that Washington, D.C., shall be home to the new capitol of the al Qaeda regime.

"As for Texas, we will be building settlements there, as well. In addition, we request that you send an aid package that will help us get started and then, of course, annual foreign aid can be deposited directly into our account. You know, we need more weapons and your aid will greatly help us accomplish our goals.

"The Americans currently living in Texas can, of course, continue living there, although I can't be held responsible if some of my men shoot mortar rockets into Dallas. We will continue to teach our children in the ways of Islam. Their schoolbooks will, of course, remind them that we were here first, that America is our country.

"You will also need to release all al Qaeda prisoners immediately. They shall be free to live anywhere in the United States they wish. In addition, all my brethren in Texas, Washington, New York, and other annexed areas must be free to live and work anywhere they wish. If any of them should decide to blow up a bus or a marketplace, you must not retaliate.

"Of course, until we establish our own capitol and are formally recognized by the U.N. as a separate state, we must have access to your political body. I will be setting up the al Qaeda Freedom Party, from which we will send representatives to your Congress. They will vote on our most vital issues right alongside your Republicans and Democrats. I'm sure you understand that if we are to live here, we must have equal access to the political process.

"Finally, do not even think about building a fence. My suicide bombers must have clear access to all cities and towns.

"I know you will see this as a fair agreement. After all, you want peace at any cost. If you give me this land and my own capitol, I promise that we will live side-by-side in harmony. I promise that although we destroyed your Twin Towers, we won't do it again. Just give me a chance to prove myself."

Well, I'm sure you get the idea. Just put Israel and the so-called "Palestinians" into this scenario and you understand what I'm saying. President Bush would never allow known terrorists to set up a sovereign state within American borders. Such a scenario would be preposterous.

Yet, President Bush has repeatedly backed the Palestinians and has vowed to do everything he can to help them establish their own state within the next year or so. He has forced Israel and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to concede to just about every demand of the Palestinians.

God miraculously resurrected Israel as a nation in 1948, in accordance with His prophecies as written in the Bible. He further protected Israel in subsequent wars, when Israel was attacked by her terrorist neighbors. In 1967, Israel was attacked by Trans-Jordan, Egypt, and Syria, but God -- in just six days -- propelled tiny Israel to victory over those large countries. In the process, Israel won back land, including Gaza and the so-called "West Bank." If God so miraculously has protected Israel, wouldn't we -- as Christians -- want to be on God's side?

We know there will eventually be war in Israel during the tribulation period, but until then, can't we at least -- in thought and prayer -- be on Israel's side? Can't we at least offer them a hand when the Palestinians blow up their citizens? Can't we at least be sympathetic and denounce the terrorism? Can't we at least let them continue building a fence that would offer some protection?

In Genesis 12:3, God says to Abraham -- the father of the Jews and Israel -- "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you." I'm not saying that we have to agree with every decision Sharon makes, but God is clear that He loves His chosen people and we would do well to come alongside them.

Yet, President Bush continues to work against Israel, and in so doing, is inviting a curse upon America. Storms and natural disasters were set in motion before time began and as time winds down, we see more disasters of greater intensity. God is the one who sets all things into motion. He allows the storms because He knows the effect they will have on the earth. He knows what the response will be of human beings to those disasters set before us.

God also allows certain people to be in public office because He knows what it will take for His prophecies to be fulfilled. Did God put President Bush in office? Yes, He did, but it may not be for the reasons you think.

Our response to Israel is not the only factor when it comes to storms in our lives, but I think it is one factor that we very often overlook.

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