The Sanctity of Marriage
June 07 05

A piece of junk mail showed up at my home a couple of weeks ago that got my attention. It was a letter from the Oregon Family Council advising people to stop Senate Bill 1000 that would allow same-sex civil unions. Now, I'm not for gay marriage nor civil unions, so why did this letter anger me?

Let's go back to last summer when the Oregon Family Council launched the Defense of Marriage Coalition. The Coalition was formed to back an Oregon constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. The Coalition was successful in getting enough valid signatures to put a measure on the November ballot. The people of Oregon were told that we needed to amend the Constitution in order to stop homosexual marriage from becoming a reality in our fine state.

The Defense of Marriage Coalition went so far as to say that it "didn't care" about, and "didn't have a problem with," civil unions. The Coalition assured voters that it was only interested in the institution of marriage. So, many people were persuaded to vote in favor of Measure 36 to amend the Constitution. The measure passed, although by a small margin (about 57% in favor to 43% opposed).

Now I get a letter in my mailbox from the Oregon Family Council, those folks who founded the Defense of Marriage Coalition, telling me that we must do everything we can to prevent SB1000 that would allow for same-sex civil unions. Wait a minute... Weren't these the same upstanding Christians who last year told the voters that they didn't have a problem with civil unions? Again, I'm against civil unions, but I want to know where the integrity is. How is it that these Christian groups can claim to know Christ but then deliberately lie to people just to get their votes?

But there is something else that bothers me even more. Last summer, when the Coalition began pounding on the doors of every church in Oregon, I wanted to move to another state. I didn't want to be associated with the Church. Why? Because the Coalition was repeatedly saying, "We don't care about civil unions." What they were really saying is, "We don't care about you. We don't care about you homosexuals. We don't care that you are going to hell. We don't care that you don't have a relationship with Christ. We don't care that you've never heard the Gospel. We just don't want you to ruin the sanctity of our marriages."

When will Christians realize that ostracizing people and participating in activist causes only alienates the Gospel from those who need it most? Do we not realize that when we hold up our picket signs and try to legislate against certain groups of people we are only pushing them further into their sin and further away from God? The gay community has only been galvanized. They are digging in their heels and are affirming their lifestyles more than ever.

What would have happened to the woman caught in adultery whom Yeshua spared from the stones of the religious had He shunned her? Instead, the Lord protected her and forgave her. He said, "I do not condemn you." And how could He say to her, "Go, and sin no more"? Because He forgave her, so now she was free to love God and serve Him. This is the message we need to have for ALL people. Why is it so difficult to preach the Gospel? Why is it that so many "Christians" don't seem to care if people go to hell? Because they don't love God. They have not been set free. They don't have the capacity to love.

My brothers and sisters, there is a better way. I would challenge you today to go through the New Testament and find where our Lord participated in activism against Rome. Find any scriptures that tell of the disciples getting involved in political campaigns and picketing. What you will find instead is love. You will find Yeshua befriending the lost and inviting them into the Kingdom. You will find our Lord dying on a cross for them. You will see the disciples giving their lives for the sake of the Gospel. How is it that the Church grew? By love as demonstrated in the preaching of the Gospel. Sinners were converted by love. Have you been converted by love? Then pass it on...

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